Re: [Gimp-developer] Different Languagepacks Linux/Windows?


I just wanted to butt in here:

On 29.05.2012 19:02, gfxuser wrote:
> Could your Windows regionale and language settings be wrong and cause
> this mixture? I read of a similar problem with Portuguese and English
> (see
> and the reason were wrong system settings.
The thread indicates a problem with Gimp and specifically with the
locale fallback logic, not a configuration error.

It is not an error to just specify a language without a region. The
locale fallback should *never* produce a language mix with a third
language (German in the thread). It should use the default fallback
language, which should be English (probably US English).

Portuguese (BR) should fall back to Portuguese, which in turn falls back
to default.

So either the GIMP translations for Portuguese regions were never
properly made -- so there in fact is *no* Portuguese version and just
Portuguese regional versions, which is a *mistake* -- or the fallback
mechanism is simply misbehaving on MacOS.

You should check the latest version of Gimp and see if this error still
occurs, then file a bug report.


Robert Abel

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