Re: [Gimp-developer] file open and create

On 12-05-30 11:04 PM, Liam R E Quin wrote:
What if there was only File->Open and you got a file chooser (as now)
but with a tabbed interface (or buttons) to get to
   Open File / Scan / Screenshot / Web page
Goal: I'm sure I'm not alone in finding file->open and file->create
confusing, along with file->create->from webpage being different from
File->Open Location, both of which take a URI... it's a mess.

There shouldn't be too much confusion. File->Open should be for opening a file available locally to the computer (on the harddrive, memory stick, or network drive). File->Create is usedh b to create a new image (by running a plug-in) after setting some parameters.

What that leaves is things like creating images from a Screenshot, external web page, camera, or scanner. These options are most commonly found in programs under an File->Acquire menu entry.


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