Re: [Gimp-developer] file open and create

On 12-06-01 12:52 PM, Srihari Sriraman wrote:
Only the correct name for a sub-menu is under question IMHO.

Both *Acquire* and *Import *don't convey *New.*
I second *New From *as suggested by Gez.

GIMP could try and start a new trend but I think that most of its users (even the ones that are casual users of GIMP) would recognize the Acquire menu as it is used in other programs to get images from the external sources I mentioned in a previous email.

With the removal of most create-scripts in 2.10 as Alexandre said,
*Create*need/may not exist anymore.

A lot of the scripts located under Create would not be missed by many. The most useful "Create" entry (or the one people get pointed to often when asked how to make scripts along a curve) Text Circle. Not sure where it would wind up if there was no Create any more unless it was moved to a "New From" menu with Screenshot and Scanner but it could make that sub-menu messy unless the script based "New From" entries had a separator line before the script based entries.


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