Re: [Gimp-developer] contribution processes...

let's pick up this discussion again, sorry for the delay.

Saul Goode wrote:

> In my opinion the language of the draft is not very inviting to contribution.

the draft is a _description_ of the current code process, not a
manual/invitation page for new contributors. it describes how
things are in the code world, so I can derive an interaction design
process from it, that is just as open as the code process.

> At minimum, each of the "has to"s should be changed to either "should"s or "should strive to"s.

maybe this exactly demonstrates the sizeable gap there is between
the people that can, and do, contribute, and users and other observers.
the points listed there are about minimum decent software engineering,
thus to software engineers it is logical that they _have to_ be met,
or else the codebase goes to hell.

to users and other observers, each one of these is a barrier of entry,
and I find it good that that becomes clear to all parties. but to
be able to contribute, one has to be able to meet the requirements,
i.e. one has to be able to do the _work_ of software engineering.

note that the shorter (less ambitious) the patch, the easier it is
to meet the requirements.

> Also, it is unclear whether the final "does not have to be perfect" trumps any or all of the previous seven bullet points -- if it does not then the requirements are indeed exceedingly stringent.

I have refined that point now in the wiki.

> Especially problematic is the sixth bullet.

just sticking with the libs that GIMP normally uses and not start
using platform-specific ones, and not use platform-specific compiler
features goes a long way towards writing non-platform-specific patches.

it is again about simply decent software engineering.

[I snipped the rest because it was about changing the code patch
workflow, which is not what I intent to achive.]


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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