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It would also be helpful to know the individual's tendencies towards usage of development versions during their difficulties. A dev version would certainly be a strong candidate for crashes and should never be expected to perform properly in a production environment.

On another note: I can look back fondly at all the times I lost work in Photo$hop. Frequent saves were usually my only saving grace. Except of course when PS would crash during the save. Then all was lost. Effort had to be put into version saving as a work-around. At the time, I really had nobody to blame but myself since Adobe clearly stated that saving across a network was not supported behavior. Back then, Apple's PowerPC's were the norm, 1gig drives were about as big as they came and the files we were working were 314res (8000) ppi for 8x10" LVT film-recorder output on transparency and negative films. External drives were sloooow, too small for the files we were working. We needed every bit of free scratch disk to work the files, so saving them locally was not an option. Even with the potential for crashes and corrupted scan lines, saving to the network was a risk we felt we had to take.  The learning experience brought realizations that bad things happen that are not within our control. What we could control is how we responded to the situation, what we did to work around the potential for the issue to happen again, and the use of careful note taking so that proper bug reports could be submitted to Adobe when appropriate. After all, devs can't fix a problem they are not aware of. Much like complaining about a three month old pothole on your street. It's not like the transportation department has some magic fairy that automatically tells them when a pot hole appears! Step up, make a polite phone call and the work will get done.

Have an issue? Report it
Bug won't go away? work around it.
Don't like the way something works? Find something else that does.

Taking responsibility for my own stubbornness, lack of follow through and the results they create has removed more stress in my life than just about anything else. When I stopped blaming others for the pain in my life I could have done something about, my life change immensely towards the positive.

IMO the OP is acting as if they are the victim of the developers and their code.   When someone plays the role of the victim, they surrender the power to change their situation. It's OK to stand in the pile of poo you were reluctant to get out of, but please don't splash any on the rest of us.

On 07/23/2012 11:15 AM, Akira Tanaka wrote:
To all the developers of GIMP software...

In the five years that I've used your program for my own creative purposes, I've dealt with some of the good aspects of GIMP and the negative aspects of it as well. The variety in brushes was good and the option to create animated GIFs with ease is a nice addition as well. However, there have been many negative aspects that have given me so much grief with this program. I've dealt with the instability of tablet devices being added on to my computer when I use GIMP. The times that GIMP has crashed and so many irretrievable hours of work lost only fueled my rage against this program. But after accessing an already usable file only to get an error message that doesn't make any sense, that was it. That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

After five years of putting up with this mediocre excuse for a software, it's time for me to hold my hands high and say "enough is enough." I feel like I've been put through something and this is the breaking point. A software that crashes on you and then has the audacity to refuse a direct order makes for a truly negative experience. This is it. I've had it. I will never use GIMP software again for as long as I live.

I know you have some sort of bureaucracy set up to review letters from anonymous users. There is a chance you will reject this letter but if that's the case, I'm willing to give you these parting words.

"GIMP is, without a doubt, the most unreliable, poorly programmed, pathetic excuse for a software program ever conceived by a human being."

That is all. If you took the time to read this, you have my thanks. If you just carelessly rejected this without even looking into the letter, you can all go fuck yourselves.

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