Re: [Gimp-developer] A letter of complaint

On Mon, Jul 23, 2012 at 11:37 PM, Akira Tanaka <artfoundry87 yahoo com> wrote:
> Sorry if I was a wee bit too harsh about GIMP. I was in a bad mood that
> morning.
> Yeah, I've heard a lot of horror stories about Windows ME. Never had the
> (dis)pleasure of using it but I suppose...

Well, that's understandable. Everyone has a bad day every once in a
while. We'd appreciate it if you didn't take it out on us though - we
really are trying to make a good image editor.

If you can imagine, we certainly don't intend the GIMP to crash. Now
that you're in a better mood, if you were to post a message with more
details on the problem and less yelling, we might be able to help you

(Though if you really do want to stick with the "I will never use GIMP
software again for as long as I live" thing, then that's also fine -
it's no skin off my teeth.)

Make sure you include the version of the GIMP you're using, what
operating system you're using, anything in specific that seems to
trigger the crash, and any other details you can think of.

You also might want to start a new thread - there are probably several
people ignoring this one.

-- drawoc

P.S. You forgot to hit "reply all," so your last message didn't get
sent to the mailing list.

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