Re: [Gimp-developer] A letter of complaint

On 07/23/12 22:48, Jay Smith wrote:
Since Akira Tanaka did not bother to tell us what Gimp version is being
used or on what operating system, there is less than nothing that
anybody (developers or users) can learn from his rant.

Not true, we can learn that he's not happy. Like really, really, not happy with Gimp.

Let me try and put this into a more formal bug report format.

Program version: All
Hardware platform : All

summary of problem: Gimp is shit.

how to reproduce the problem:

1. start using Gimp
2. do lots and lots of stuff for at least two hours (make sure you don't save your work). 3. FUCK it's crashed again. I hate gimp and all the hopeless so called devs who ever contributed the slightest bit of code.
4. Fuck you all.

Additional information:

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

See, it's just a case of parsing his comments, he's obviously unfamiliar with how to submit a bug report ;)

Apologies to anyone using naff accounts like gmail, You probably will not get much of the content of this thread. It even bounced an email with the name of the Japanese town Fuckupshima in it last week. :?

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