Re: [Gimp-developer] A letter of complaint

On 07/23/12 19:15, Akira Tanaka wrote:
The times that GIMP has crashed and so many irretrievable hours of work
lost only fueled my rage against this program.

So knowing how thoroughly unreliable the tool you have chosen to use for the job is, you do "hours" of work without once managing a little cntl-s

Not once but many times it seems.

I used to run an operating system that was unreliable like that. I used to hit the Save key about twice for every line of code I wrote. I made frequent named backs, so I could backtrack.

At that point I could say it was a heap of shit and go to make a coffee while it rebooted. I could not say it was responsible for my losing hours and hours of unsaved work.

I'm not blindly defending Gimp which certainly has its short-comings and annoyances but I think you need to look at the way you work and the way you modify your methods based upon experience.

Just saying.

It's curious that after fucking yourself you invite others to take the same course of action.

Since Gimp is absolutely the worst piece of software ever written, you should have not trouble finding something that works better. In fact by definition everything works better.

So don't forget to pop back and tell us what you decide to use. I'd be interested in what you find and how you find it compares to Gimp.

best regards and good luck.


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