Re: [Gimp-developer] A letter of complaint

On 07/23/2012 04:34 PM, gg wrote:
On 07/23/12 19:15, Akira Tanaka wrote:
The times that GIMP has crashed and so many irretrievable hours of work
lost only fueled my rage against this program.

So knowing how thoroughly unreliable the tool you have chosen to use
for the job is, you do "hours" of work without once managing a little

So don't forget to pop back and tell us what you decide to use. I'd be
interested in what you find and how you find it compares to Gimp.

best regards and good luck.


Since Akira Tanaka did not bother to tell us what Gimp version is being used or on what operating system, there is less than nothing that anybody (developers or users) can learn from his rant.

Thanks to gg for pointing out that failure to save work is the _user's_ problem, not the program's problem. Though I have only been using computer applications for about 30 years, I still have not found an operating system that never crashes, hardware that never dies, and only one or two programs that have never crashed on me (probably because I did not use them very much). Everything will eventually crash. The user is _always_ responsible for being prepared when the crash occurs. It is always a question of 'when', not a question of 'if'.

And when you (Akira Tanaka) tell us how a different program compares to Gimp, please don't forget to tell us how much it costs. ;-)

Also, please be sure to use some insults and bad language so we will know it is really you.


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