Re: [Gimp-developer] Image processing algorithms resources

Am 08.07.2012 10:20, schrieb Calculemus:
> I need to implement compositors for a project I work on, such as
> soft-light, hard-light, overlay, etc. like the ones in Photoshop. I see
> gegl has all those. But they use different math than the one I see
> in the original Adobe reference that is used for Photoshop and
> After Effects. To make things worse, on the web you can find even
> other approaches for the same operation, like soft-light for example.
> Someone can shed some light on this?

for a quite comprehensive comparison of many, many blend modes -- including several softlight formulas -- you might want to check out my article [1].

The big table [2] at the beginning of the article features the comparison list.
In the link section there is also a site with ready-to-use C code, IIRC.

best regards,


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