Re: [Gimp-developer] Non-incremental painting

2012/1/28 Cedric Sodhi <manday gmx net>
Mitch & "Dude",

I did not ask for your generousity. I reported this flaw on the
bugtracker, was asked to bring it up on the list, did so, and, frankly,
don't give a tiny bit about how emotionally sensitive you are over it.

And if you are unable to discuss the point at hand and are only capable
of returning insults, be my guest, but don't expect any response other
than this because I've better things to do with my time than leading
this kind of stupid argument.

You could have reported the same issue without adding your personal thoughts about why they didn't implement things the way you consider correct, calling the program "nothing but a toy" and calling collaborations "futile".
That's not polite and you can't expect a good reaction when you put things in that way.
You're addressing to human beings who coincidentally work on an application you can use freely, using their spare time. Expect some emotion.
Don't play the victim if you're not being treated well. You started it.

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