Re: [Gimp-developer] Non-incremental painting

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 6:33 PM, Cedric Sodhi wrote:

> If anyone can think of a usecase where that non-intuitive, unpredictable
> painting mode is actually useful, please prove me wrong.
> Until then, I interpret the mere existance of that painting mode as an
> excuse to not admit one of the most serious flaws in gimp with regard to
> painting.
> To be blunt, as long as there is no way for a painter to properly
> anticipate the color in which he draws unless he draws in short,
> non-self-overlapping strokes (which, admittedly, is typical for
> water-color et al), gimp may be a powerful graphics-editor but remains
> nothing but a toy for painting (and all efforts related to painting such
> as providing well-designed presets remain futile).


Replacing lack of technical expertise with trolling doesn't work. Not
everyone is as generous as las to spend two friggin hours explaining
you how automation on MIDI events works, while facing your, frankly
speaking, arrogant behaviour. The trick isn't going to work every
time, and definitely not in GIMP lists.

You are more than welcome to ask question and even question decisions,
but don't expect everyone to just rush having a conversation with you.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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