Re: [Gimp-developer] Reg: Brush feature support

Hi Swati

On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 11:52:35PM +0530, swati upadhyaya wrote:
> Hi Mukund,
>                     I have gone through the link which you sent, but
> still not sure about how to use brushlib as I didnt found any API or
> any other thing related to this. Can you tell me how GIMP is using
> this brushlib? Can you tell me from where I get the sample code. I
> have downloaded the GIMP code but i has more than 2000 files.. Dont
> know how to start??

The brushlib wiki page has information on how to use it. Did you read
it in full, and the brushlib headers / source code?

GIMP does not use brushlib. GIMP has its own native brush code. You
can't adapt GIMP's brush code for your application as simply as using
brushlib.  In fact, adapting any code from GIMP will be complicated.

If you want support for brushlib, contact its maintainers on the
MyPaint mailing list.

ps. If you reply, reply to all which will CC the gimp-developers list.

Kind regards,


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