Re: [Gimp-developer] something's starting, it is the text tool

This would be also a good oportunity to introduce OpenType advanced
features, like alternates, swashes, old figures, etc.)

Some type features may seem out of the scope of an image manipulation
program like GIMP, but advanced typography is not only relevant to
page layout. There are several simple cases where full typographic
control is needed.
Although it is possible to switch to other applications, some kinds of
works are better if created using a single application.
Having to switch apps for creating simple text elements that have to
interact with other graphic elements (behind a layer, blended with
transparency or alpha masks, etc). is overkill and lacks control and

Some examples

Adding a simple text elements to complex multilayer composites:

Type for a video-game UI:

Imagine how inefficient would be to switch to inkscape for creating
those text elements, just because GIMP lacks some advanced type
feature or fine-grained control over text parameters.

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