Re: [Gimp-developer] something's starting, it is the text tool

Hi Jay,

all of that, apart from rotating while staying editable,
is implemented and will be in gimp 2.8.


On Fri, 2012-01-13 at 14:11 -0500, Jay Smith wrote:
> On 01/13/2012 12:12 PM, peter sikking wrote:
> >
> > so please help us by replying here, with you answer what
> > text means to you when working with GIMP.
> One of my major uses is composing textual elements of book covers and 
> spines.
> Another use is minor overlays of bits of text on photographs to point 
> out relevant technical features in the photos.
> What I wish to see in text tools....
> - Always editable text as long as file in a format that is not flattened.
> - Important (to me): Most recently used text settings (i.e. typestyle, 
> size, bold/italic, color, etc.) to be saved (including between Gimp 
> restarts) for default us in next operation.  (Too many settings in Gimp 
> are not saved, even while editing within session of editing a single 
> image -- this should be a focus of improvement soon.)
> - Per above, save settings as a "set" of settings that can be brought 
> back for use (like Curves are saved).  These "sets" of settings should 
> be nameable by the user (or if not named by user, then default name of 
> date/time).  Naming is very important to be able to quickly find 
> settings for various projects.
> - Once text is created, always be able to change typestyle, size, 
> bold/italic, color, etc., etc.
>      - In this context, be able to stay in the text dialog and
>        be able to highlight & change differing parts of the text.
>        i.e. Don't have to get out of dialog for each such change.
>        i.e. Changes are _not_ all-or-nothing.
> - When editing existing text, if user clicks in the middle to text, then 
> further typing of characters uses the attributes in which it is in the 
> middle.  Same for either end of string, but I understand that the user 
> must be sure to get to the beginning or end of string in a way that 
> keeps the user inside the current attributes of the text.
> - Text to be rotatable as any other layer without losing quality.
> - Multiple text layers that can be edited individually or locked 
> together for movement of layers as a group.
> - Preview window showing net effect of text on total image.  If the user 
> has to edit text and then get out of dialog and render to be able to see 
> the net effect, the process can get very time consuming.
> ? Maybe have a warning if image resolution is too low to render the text 
> without having "jaggies".
> Jay
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