Re: [Gimp-developer] something's starting, it is the text tool

On 01/13/2012 12:12 PM, peter sikking wrote:

so please help us by replying here, with you answer what
text means to you when working with GIMP.

One of my major uses is composing textual elements of book covers and spines.

Another use is minor overlays of bits of text on photographs to point out relevant technical features in the photos.

What I wish to see in text tools....

- Always editable text as long as file in a format that is not flattened.

- Important (to me): Most recently used text settings (i.e. typestyle, size, bold/italic, color, etc.) to be saved (including between Gimp restarts) for default us in next operation. (Too many settings in Gimp are not saved, even while editing within session of editing a single image -- this should be a focus of improvement soon.)

- Per above, save settings as a "set" of settings that can be brought back for use (like Curves are saved). These "sets" of settings should be nameable by the user (or if not named by user, then default name of date/time). Naming is very important to be able to quickly find settings for various projects.

- Once text is created, always be able to change typestyle, size, bold/italic, color, etc., etc.

    - In this context, be able to stay in the text dialog and
      be able to highlight & change differing parts of the text.
      i.e. Don't have to get out of dialog for each such change.
      i.e. Changes are _not_ all-or-nothing.

- When editing existing text, if user clicks in the middle to text, then further typing of characters uses the attributes in which it is in the middle. Same for either end of string, but I understand that the user must be sure to get to the beginning or end of string in a way that keeps the user inside the current attributes of the text.

- Text to be rotatable as any other layer without losing quality.

- Multiple text layers that can be edited individually or locked together for movement of layers as a group.

- Preview window showing net effect of text on total image. If the user has to edit text and then get out of dialog and render to be able to see the net effect, the process can get very time consuming.

? Maybe have a warning if image resolution is too low to render the text without having "jaggies".


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