Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 Feature Request (2)

I now agree with Martin...
a composition should not be 'saved-as' jpeg or png...
i take back my vote...

On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 10:52 AM, Martin Nordholts <enselic gmail com> wrote:
2012/1/4 Josiah Jack <josiah jackconstruction com>:
> Hello other gimpers!
> Been trying out one of the latest GIMP releases in prep for the new 2.8 that
> I heard is coming out, and I've found a couple things that I dislike and
> hope will be changed/fixed.
> 1.)  Please recombine the Save As, and Export dialogues.  I keep going to
> Save As and it keeps telling me that it can only save as xcf, not jpg, tga,
> etc.  This is incredibly annoying, especially since I only rarely use xcf
> file format!  Also, if these are kept as separate save dialogues then it
> will probably be considered as below industry standards considering how
> almost all applications save and export(just another word for save) from a
> single save as dialogue.


If you rarely use the XCF format you are not part of the target user
group. The separation of save and export is for users that do complex
compositions in XCF and export every now and then. For those users,
the way it works now makes sense. That an image previously was
considered to be "saved" as PNG was misleading, inaccurate and
confusing. No non-trivial composition has ever been "saved" in a PNG
file. Not to mention the metric tonne of popup dialogs you had to wade
through to "save" in PNG.

> 2.)  Clicking the close button to close the application doesn't close the
> application, it closes the currently open image (in Single Window Mode).  I
> had to click it over 4 times because of all the images I had open.  This is
> definitely a bug in my opinion.  There should be a single dialogue that
> lists the currently open images and asks to save them, has individual save
> buttons, and, most importantly, has some sort of a "Close without Saving
> Any" button.

We probably should, yes. But that has to wait until after we release
2.8. The last stable release was 4 (yes four!) years ago. That's an
eternity and we need to learn how to make frequent releases. The first
step is to actually release 2.8 first and we can only afford to be
delayed by critical issues.

/ Martin


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