Re: [Gimp-developer] git print dialog doesn't see CUPS printers

On Sun, 01 Jan 2012 16:55:39 -0700, Michael J. Hammel wrote:
> I've got a printer configured under CUPS.  GIMP 2.6 installed from yum
> on F14 sees the printer okay.  My custom built GIMP 2.7 does not.  I
> built the print plugin, which doesn't appear to have any CUPS related
> dependencies that I can see.  The print plugin only shows print to file
> and print to lpr.
> Also, I wonder if the 2.6 build is just using the GTK+ print dialog?
> Seems a little different than the GIMP 2.7 Print plugin.         
> I've looked through the configure options for GTK+ and GIMP and the only
> meaningful print option appears to be to disable building the print
> plugin for GIMP.  I don't see anything related to specifically using

You may need to install the CUPS development package and rerun configure
(remove config.cache first).

> Is there another library that needs configuration for use with CUPS in
> order for GIMP's print dialog to see the printer?
> FYI: I built Gutenprint's plugin and it sees the printer okay. 

Gutenprint uses a hacked-up mechanism based on lpstat or lpc (as
appropriate) to query printers.  It's ugly, but it works on a wide
variety of systems.
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