Re: [Gimp-developer] Brush ideas

Dnia Mon, Feb 06, 2012 at 08:57:13AM -0700, John Harris napisał był:
> Around 18 years ago, during the original clone-tool wars ( sorry, I
> had to do it. ) when digital retouching systems were all fighting to
> be top dog,  I used a proprietary retouching workstation called
> "Superset".  Some of the tools in this system were not only amazing
> at the time, but have yet to be duplicated today.
> The airbrush and cloning tools used stocastic brushes that were
> recalculated with every "hit" or "impression" of the brush.  This is
> the closest I have ever seen a digital brush come to the performance
> of a real airbrush.  This made for band-free soft brushes and the
> ability to create textures with amazing results. Skin textures and
> such were incredible.  The brushes could be scaled almost
> indefinitely with no scaling artifacts. These brushes were blazing
> fast and all done on 486 era processors!
> Another system, this one by Abra - also proprietary, had a
> "scramble" or "randomize" tool.  This tool operated like a brush and
> when applied would randomize the pixels within the brushes defined
> area.  Extremely useful for facial retouch work.

+1 for that idea!

My best!

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