[Gimp-developer] Brush ideas

Around 18 years ago, during the original clone-tool wars ( sorry, I had to do it. ) when digital retouching systems were all fighting to be top dog, I used a proprietary retouching workstation called "Superset". Some of the tools in this system were not only amazing at the time, but have yet to be duplicated today.

The airbrush and cloning tools used stocastic brushes that were recalculated with every "hit" or "impression" of the brush. This is the closest I have ever seen a digital brush come to the performance of a real airbrush. This made for band-free soft brushes and the ability to create textures with amazing results. Skin textures and such were incredible. The brushes could be scaled almost indefinitely with no scaling artifacts. These brushes were blazing fast and all done on 486 era processors!

Another system, this one by Abra - also proprietary, had a "scramble" or "randomize" tool. This tool operated like a brush and when applied would randomize the pixels within the brushes defined area. Extremely useful for facial retouch work.

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