[Gimp-developer] Interested in becoming a developer

I'm a computer science student and I would like to help out with GIMP
development. I have never been involved in an open-source project so a
lot of the tools are new and unfamiliar to me and I might be slow and
need guidance in the beginning.

What I have done so far is download and compile babl, gegl and gimp
from git (gegl without libavcodec, libavformat and v4l, gimp without
ASCII art and webkit I think, both without documentation generation)
and it seems to work. I didn't compile any of the dependencies from
source, I installed newer versions from Debian unstable. I hope this
is OK?

Can anyone point me to some easy bugs that need fixing or any other
issue I could use to get started? Anything important I need to know (I
already read through HACKING and parts of the developer FAQ that
seemed relevant)?

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