[Gimp-developer] Usability idea


I've got an idea bouncing in my head for some time. I don't know if, by any chance, it appeared earlier, so don't mind me if it did. To the matter…

I've remembered FPP games and how popular and nice it was (is) to change one's "tools of mayhem" by simply using mouse roller. How about implementing in GIMP something like "tool crates" (I know – a bit silly name, but that's unimportant)? User would be able to "fill" them with choosen tools of specific parameters. That way one could have "a custom collection" of e.g. selection tool of unassigned size, selection tool of 100x100 pixels size, two brushes of different hardness and an eraser. Nothing is so annoying as having to "hunt down" specific brush in a looooong collection of them while in the midst of "creative rage" (specifically: being forced to move pointer from canvas to brush palette).

"Crates" could be saved, shared and reused (maybe even embedded into images?). Tools in "crate" would, of course, have specific order, to enable selecting previous and next tool.

I've got a feeling, it could be done relatively easy. Still… someone would have to do it ;). Since I'm not that person (most regretfully) I just leave this idea to everyone, to either catch-on or die-out ;).

My best!

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