Re: [Gimp-developer] Why the endless background conversions between linear and regular sRGB TRC?

El 31/08/12 17:46, Tobias Ellinghaus escribió:
BTW, all this legacy stuff seems to go against the product vision.
Making a tool for a specific audience means some compromises, and this
is certainly a compromise that "high-end image manipulation" audience
wouldn't mind.
Especially these people will be upset if their older work can't be opened and
edited any longer. It's not the kiddies doing animated sigantures for web
forums that the developers care about, it's the serious users which are the
target in the product vision. And having several versions of GIMP installed in
parallel is no option for them. I guess you are beating a dead horse here.

Nobody said that it wouldn't be possible to open or edit old files. The problem here is appearance. If you open a layerer composite in linear space it will look different than the same composite blended in gamma space. Some blending modes look almost the same, some of them don't. It also depends on the image. The effects of linear compositing would be more visible in some cases and almos unnoticeable in others. So, what I proposed was just using linear space for blending for everything (including old files) and offering an optional projection or "bake" mode for keeping the old appearance as close as possible. And that can come later. It seems pointless to keep legacy code to take care of the old stuff and complicate things just to be able to manage a handful of old files.

I think I can consider myself a high end GIMP user and not a kiddy doing animated signatures. I'm discussing about making GIMP a high end tool, which probably involves in some point getting rid of the low-end legacy. It's a compromise, sure. But nothing keeps GIMP from getting a mechanism for importing and displaying legacy files later, on top of a sane and high-end pipeline.


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