Re: [Gimp-developer] News of a new image enhancement algorithm ...

On 23 August 2012 09:07, Nicolas Robidoux <nicolas robidoux gmail com> wrote:
> One last grumpy comment: Look at the right nostril of the baby. It's
> pure fiction.

Since we are to this - one of the thigns that had impressed me the
most is the border of the yellow helmets
of the workers - on one of the last pics.
I certainly would like to have the ability to get to such a result
within an app on my desktop, even if it depended on parameter tunning.

But - again -- I am looking forward for what you are doing there! :-)

(as for the "check if there are software patents in the way" --
unfortunately it is not 1995 anymore, where one or other "lzw" patent
could be avoided.

It is 2012 - and there are software patents even to blinking your eyes
and clean your b. -- it is just a matter
of whether the patent owners target you or not.

We are in a point where either all software patents will collapse into
a legal singularity,
or programming anything will be illegal.


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