Re: [Gimp-developer] News of a new image enhancement algorithm ...

On 19/08/12 15:26, David Thurgood wrote:
> Dear Sir,
> I apologise, in advance, if this is the wrong e-mail address to use, but I confess to finding the GIMP lists rather confusing.  Please forward this to the most appropriate GIMP developer.
> The reason for writing: I have just seen this most interesting site that shows the results of a new processing algorithm for picture enhancement.  The results are impressive indeed!  So it occurs to me that your already excellent GIMP programme may one day have an extra plugin.
> Link:

Some of those enhancements are incredible (in a literal sense of the word). specifically the final MC Escher(esq) towers.

If you look at the fences under the smaller arches, they have been interpolated from nothing. does the algorithm somehow spot the similar regions at other scales, and filled in the small arches with copies of the big arches? It has also been smart enough not to make sharp details out of the compression artefacts, for example around the top of the arch on the light side of that largest tower.


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