Re: [Gimp-developer] News of a new image enhancement algorithm ...

sam tygier (samtygier yahoo co uk) wrote:
> If you look at the fences under the smaller arches, they have been
> interpolated from nothing. does the algorithm somehow spot the similar
> regions at other scales, and filled in the small arches with copies of
> the big arches?

Apparently so:

"Our approach is based on the observation that patches in a natural
image tend to redundantly recur many times inside the image, both within
the same scale, as well as across different scales. Recurrence of
patches within the same image scale (at subpixel misalignments) gives
rise to the classical super-resolution, whereas recurrence of patches
across different scales of the same image gives rise to example-based
super-resolution. Our approach attempts to recover at each pixel its
best possible resolution increase based on its patch redundancy within
and across scales."

Really cool.

              simon budig de    

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