Re: [Gimp-developer] translations

Thanks Jernej,

I've already finished the translation, so I'll try to do these steps you pointed me to test if characters like ç, ã, etc. are displaying correctly. I'll let you know if something appears that I can't fix.


Thiago H. Petruccelli

Em 20/8/2012 05:29, Jernej Simončič escreveu:
On Monday, August 20, 2012, 2:26:20, wanderer wrote:

There's some way for me to "test" how my text will appear on the installer?
Not easily, but possible: first you'll have to install Inno Setup
(Unicode version) from <>.

Next, check out the entire installer directory from git, and open
gimp3264.iss in Inno Setup. Scroll down to the [Languages] section,
and add your language there - the line should look something like

Name: "pt"; MessagesFile: "compiler:Languages\Portuguese.isl,lang\pt.setup.isl"

(the compiler: prefix means that the main language file will be loaded
from Inno Setup's installation directory).

Press F9, and a testing installer will be created and run (the
installer won't include any files, but other than that it'll behave
identically to the normal installer). Later, if you change the
language file, recompile the installer with Ctrl+F9 before running it
with F9.

If you notice any problems that you can't fix yourself (eg. string
that doesn't fit), notify me, and I'll see if I can adjust the

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