Re: [Gimp-developer] [Demo] Porting MyPaint brush engines to the GIMP.

On 12-04-30 06:29 AM, sigetch wrote:
2. It has 9 inputs, 42 setting parameters, and 30 internal states to
determine the timing, position, size, color, and blend mode. while the
dynamics has 7 inputs, 11 setting parameters, and no internal states.

On the surface it sounds like its more flexible than what GIMP currently has but it also seems as if it could be a bit overwhelming to a user with 9 inputs and 42 settings.

What is an input vs. a setting? Do all brushes have 42 settings or is that the total across all brushes? What is the maximum number of settings a user would see for a selected brush?

The testers are going to hate you. With so many inputs, settings, and states it will be a bit of a nightmare to make sure every combination has been tested and is working properly.


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