Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp 2.8 splash screen suggestion

I've been following this discussion, and I'd like to propose an
alternative based on this proposal.
I really like the original photo and I think the manipulation doesn't
do justice to it, so what about using the original photo instead?
It's very nice, has a pretty balanced composition and more or less
illustrates one of the features that have been enhanced in 2.8.
So I created these splashes for your consideration.
I have made two designs: One with the shaded wilber and other using a
flat version of wilber (the same used in the empty window).

There's an extra sample with a semitransparent black stripe at the
bottom, intended to contain the splash messages.
This is optional, since text is readable on the photographic
background, so there isn't really need to use it.

Regarding the typefaces, I used Dave Crossland's Cantarell as
placeholder, since it's the default font in Gnome3, I think it should
blend pretty good.
However, I've heard that some people is working on a new wordmark for
GIMP, so this font choice might be only temporary if the new logo is
ready and agreed before the release of 2.8

Kind regards,

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