[Gimp-developer] Open Source research

Dearest Gimp developers,

My name is Jits Krol, a master student social and organizational psychology student in Leiden, the Netherlands. For my master thesis I am researching one of the factors that might foster engagement of volunteers in Open Source projects. With this knowledge, future Open Source projects might be aided to keep their volunteers engaged, and subsequently lay an empirical basis for future research. Here you can help!

Atached is a 5-7 minute online survey. I know that these can be a bit dull, but this is the only way to get the vast amounts of data needed to be able to conclude anything. If you would be willing to help I would be truly grateful! You are doing the social sciences (and, if you're concerned with the engagement of volunteers in open source projects, maybe even yourself) a big favour.

Sincere thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Jits Krol


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