Re: [Gimp-developer] gimp 2.8 splash screen suggestion

Is it OK if I chime in?

Yes the diagonal lines behind Wilber and across the largest brush are 
distracting, but I LOVE the overall concept. It's fresh, clean, 
professional and colorful.  The use of a bokeh layer is fantastic and 
well executed.
The new layer order is much better and shows Wilber properly.
The first thing my eye goes to is the 2.8. To me, it carries the same 
visual weight as Wilber. I am not sure that the version number is the 
primary focus of a splash screen. Is there another creative element you 
might replace that with?   While we are all celebrating this much 
anticipated release, the version number is not critically important. 
Could we completely remove the version number from the splash or at 
least make it much much smaller?  Say 12 to 14 px high and subtle.  Or, 
as an idea that is  a bit outside the box. spell it out i.e.

V  e  r   s   i  o  n
Two Point Eight.

This could still fit in the bottom of your vertical banner as your 
third element, yet it would minimize the visual weight.

Also, the white margins on top and bottom seem unnecessary and I find 
them distracting, especially the bottom. It's quite a bit of empty 
space and appears unfinished because it carries so much visual weight 
yet does not serve an immediate purpose that I can see.

Fantastic work so far. Perhaps Gimp's best splash to date!

John H

On Tue 17 Apr 2012 12:17:44 AM MDT, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> Den 16 april 2012 13:52 skrev Bernhard Stockmann <devvv devvv de>:
>> I've made a version with Wilber above the lines. Hope you like it more now
>> ;)
>> see here:
> I like it more, but I still think the white diagonal line is too distracting
> / Martin
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