Re: [Gimp-developer] bug with Overlay

2012/4/4 Paul Geraskin <paul_geraskin mail ru>
I have no photoshop too. I'm a Linux user. I use Gimp about 7 years for CG(Computer Graphics). But you can try VirtualBox(WinXP) and for testing if you need it.

I don't think it's appropriate to link to copies of commercial software here. This is not a warez forum.
It's also pointless. Developers aren't looking at Photoshop because they can't get a copy. They aren't because they don't want to.
GIMP is not photoshop and there is no need to copy it.
If we talk about CG, so there are some standards in many CG programs based on Photoshop. As I mentioned previously, you already made Overlay with Gegl. It works ok, but I cannot save to file (png/jpg/...) with Gegl color Management. And it's not possible to merge layers with Gegl color management too. As I mentioned it in video.

That's not correct. Industry standard aren't "based on Photoshop". The results are similar because they use the same principles (high bit depth, compositing in linear space, color management).
It's true that GIMP before GEGL was somewhat disconnected with some high end standards but that's planned to change when GIMP runs completely on GEGL. 
Is it possible to add saving to file with Gegl Color Management if "View->Use Gegl" is switched on? 

Forget the rest, this looks like a reasonable feature request: "bake" the GEGL projection into the saved file.
That would be nice and solve your problems, right?

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