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On 11/19/11 07:40, M. Al-Bedah wrote:
Dear Gimp Developers
I completely support Open Source applications. Unfortunately I am not a
developer, but I heavily depend & encourage developers & Open Source
OS's & applications. I support by spreading the word, educating people,
& provide financial aids to assist developers enhance their products.

Gimp is a very excellent product. However, as a photographer, I can
confirm that it lacks several features, therefore I end up using
Photoshop, ACDSee, etc. I have seen other Image editing (open source)
apps & I know those features are do-able. I totally understand that all
of you are developing your products for free. What would it take, & more
importantly how much would it cost, to roll out features like:
1) Content Award scale - fill
2) Adjustment layers for non destructive workflow
3) LAB Mode
4) RAW images editor
5) Calculation tool
6) Enhance filters to have more (like photoshop) & especially (fill 50%)
and (Highpass)
7) convert to smart layer / filter for non destructive workflow
8) file browser (like bridge) to classify, tag, organize, photos.

I understand I am asking for a lot. But if "Funding" is the issue, I
know group of photographer who would like nothing but to contribute. & I
can deliver them. The problem with Gimp now is that it does not offer
those pro tools. Yet some of those tools are available in other open
source apps like Pinta, Rawtherapee, Shotwell, etc.

Thank you for your time & support
Mo Al-Bedah

I'll let core devs answer this excellent initiative. One comment on your requests:

> 6) Enhance filters to have more (like photoshop) & especially (fill 50%)
> and (Highpass)

Gaussian blur is a low pass , you could presumably do a high-pass without too much effort by subtraction. Equally well, that means this feature could be implemented with minimal effort.

Having it fully integrated with a preview dlg would be a good feature and probably would not "cost" too much ;)

regards. GG.

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