[Gimp-developer] JP2 File - Could not decode

Hi all,

Having a strange problem and hoping I can get some help. I downloaded
the nightly-tarball from flamingtest 2 nights ago. When I build Gimp
for a 64-bit OS (Windows 7), I am able to open jp2 files of all sizes
sometimes within my build environment (msys)
(at least all that I tried, including the jp2000 test images).
However, when I build for a 32-bit OS, I cannot open a file bigger
than 640x480 (at least, I think that is the limit). On the 64-bit OS,
I get a progress Window for large files, but on 32-bit OS, it fails to

Please note that I built Gimp last from September 16th nightly-tarball
and this problem did not exist then.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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