Re: [Gimp-developer] Getting the recognition that GIMP deserves

> "The more people that use the latest GIMP code from git the better. It keeps
> the required effort to contribute code upstreams small, which in turn
> increases the likelihood of upstream contributions, and it makes bugs more
> vulnerable to early discovery which minimizes their impact."

I guess Martin means people who will build GIMP and report bugs.
Certainly people that will know how to change the splash screen if
they want to :-p

I agree with Alexandre when he says that all this discussion is
pointless, but since it reached this point, I'll add my two cents.
"What pros want" is so subjective, but I dare to say that real pros
are more concerned about high bit depth, non-destructive editing and
productivity enhancements, not splash screens, GUI "appearance" or
single window mode.

All the ranting about GIMP entering the professional market (as it
would be a commercial package that has to compete with others to get
more market share) comes usually from people who aren't professional
users, but just regular people who think that making a good
application means copying successful models from commercial software.

Well, I'm a professional user (I use everyday for my work and I make a
living from that work) and I'm still using GIMP 2.6.x for my work
because I need stability. I also have the devel version because I like
to get involved and see how it works.
I know how to change the splash screen if I need to (it's just
replacing a single file in PNG format. How difficult can it be?), and
I find the S&M splash very funny.
Of course I think it would be questionable to keep it for the final
release, but I know that has never been the idea, so...
I really don't care how GIMP "looks" if it allows me to do my job.
Good appearance is a plus, of course, and I think GIMP already has a
more-than-decent look.
I'm more concerned about how GIMP keeps the quality of my images after
processing, and I'm really happy to see developers plan to care of
that in upcoming versions.
In my honest oppinion, if GIMP can deliver good quality with a good
performance, it will be able to make a place for its own in the
professional segment, no matter how it looks, its name or whatever.

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