Re: [Gimp-developer] viewing Dectris X-ray detector data

On 12/21/11 16:40, Mukund Sivaraman wrote:
Hi Stanley

On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 04:14:46PM +0100, stanley esrf fr wrote:
Hi there

I was wondering how easy (?!) it might be to change the GIMP data
input/output routines so that instead of reading/writing jpg images
"GIMPX" could read/write Dectris X-ray detector format data...

Don't fork off a new GIMPX project.

GIMP uses a plug-in system to read/write files. You can easily write
support for a new file format by creating a plug-in for it.

Use any existing plug-in's source code as an example:

Plug-ins for PPM, TGA, RAW (raw data, not camera RAW photos), XPM, etc.
are rather simple and can be a good foundation to start a new plug-in.

In fact, we would really only be interested in a very small subset
of all the image processing that GIMP can do.  For example, certain
zones of the 2d detector need to be masked before further data
analysis can proceed.  The ability to select contiguous regions
based on count-rate would be very helpful.

If you don't need a GUI, you could also try using GEGL for image
processing which will give you more precision. GEGL also supports
plug-ins, which are called operations in its nomenclature.

Kind regards,


for repetitive batch processing you could also look at imagemagick which operates from text commands.

If your processing is repetitive this would be a lot more efficient than an interactive interface like gimp.


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