Re: [Gimp-developer] viewing Dectris X-ray detector data

Hi Stanley

On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 04:14:46PM +0100, stanley esrf fr wrote:
> Hi there
> I was wondering how easy (?!) it might be to change the GIMP data
> input/output routines so that instead of reading/writing jpg images
> "GIMPX" could read/write Dectris X-ray detector format data...

Don't fork off a new GIMPX project.

GIMP uses a plug-in system to read/write files. You can easily write
support for a new file format by creating a plug-in for it.

Use any existing plug-in's source code as an example:

Plug-ins for PPM, TGA, RAW (raw data, not camera RAW photos), XPM, etc. 
are rather simple and can be a good foundation to start a new plug-in.

> In fact, we would really only be interested in a very small subset
> of all the image processing that GIMP can do.  For example, certain
> zones of the 2d detector need to be masked before further data
> analysis can proceed.  The ability to select contiguous regions
> based on count-rate would be very helpful.

If you don't need a GUI, you could also try using GEGL for image
processing which will give you more precision. GEGL also supports
plug-ins, which are called operations in its nomenclature.

Kind regards,


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