[Gimp-developer] some changes are required in po-tips file

1. Since the implementation of the export menu, this string is no
longer stricly true:
When you save an image to work on it again later, try using XCF, GIMP's
native file format (use the file extension <tt>.xcf</tt>). This
preserves the layers and every aspect of your work-in-progress. Once a
project is completed, you can save it as JPEG, PNG, GIF, ...

The "..., try using XCF, ..." is a bit misleading, since now the xcf is
the only format that can be _saved_ (and a b/gzip still contains the

But more important is that the "... you can save it as JPEG, ..." should
now say "... you can export it as JPEG, ...".

2. I supose that the Stroke Selection menu item is now the Border
menu item (?):
You can draw simple squares or circles using Edit→Stroke Selection. It
strokes the edge of your current selection. More complex shapes can be
drawn using the Path tool or with Filters→Render→Gfig.


Cristian Secară

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