[Gimp-developer] string not available for translation / some inconsistency with export as .pdf file type

Have any image, go to Export..., the file dialog opens, expand file
types. One entry says "Save as PDF".

1. This string is missing from translation.

2. An "Export..." menu followed by "Save as" is a bit weird.

3. The string should be in a similar fashion as this item:
#: ../plug-ins/common/file-ps.c:601
#: ../plug-ins/common/file-ps.c:693
msgid "PostScript document"

4. There is already a string, but I don't know what is its purpose:
#: ../plug-ins/common/file-ps.c:640
msgid "PDF document"

Perhaps the already compiled versions are missing the very last minute
development which solves the above things ?


Cristian Secară

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