Re: [Gimp-developer] string not available for translation / some inconsistency with export as .pdf file type

2011/12/5 Cristian Secară:
> Have any image, go to Export..., the file dialog opens, expand file
> types. One entry says "Save as PDF".
> 1. This string is missing from translation.
> 2. An "Export..." menu followed by "Save as" is a bit weird.
> 3. The string should be in a similar fashion as this item:
> #: ../plug-ins/common/file-ps.c:601
> #: ../plug-ins/common/file-ps.c:693
> msgid "PostScript document"
> 4. There is already a string, but I don't know what is its purpose:
> #: ../plug-ins/common/file-ps.c:640
> msgid "PDF document"
> Perhaps the already compiled versions are missing the very last minute
> development which solves the above things ?

They are missing some changes indeed :) We pacthed the PDF exporter
over the last weekend.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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