Re: [Gimp-developer] Fw: suggestion for new versions of GIMP

On 11-12-02 3:44 , Nathan Summers wrote:
2011/12/1 Aleksandar Kovač <alex open design gmail com> wrote:
2) the idea of 'selector bar' feels like a fix for a fix.; i.e. historically, menus have been introduced as GUI fix for overcrowded
main bar, now, 'selector' bar helps us go thru overcrowded menus. Doesn't sound like a solution.
True, but computers in general are just a fix for a fix a fix for a
fix for the fact that unary numbers are really hard to work with. More
powerful tools are required to manage things effectively as the number
of things to manage increases.


And I did failed to write above that 'a fix for a fix' relates to 'a fix within windowed GUI paradigm'.  Sorry 'bout that!


Yes. (sad but) true.... a fix for a fix for a fix... and the ever increasing number of things to manage gave me dismanagement blues. :) ... beh.
This entropy of the things to manage is human's doing. Sometimes, instead of adding a new coat of complexity (or re-thinking the whole thing) it is worthwhile and possible to back-trace occasionally and present things in a way less complex... or so I like to believe. (Hegel would be proud of me :)))
Of course, only if it works better and only if it doesn't ruin the fun for people.

Too many words for a simple concept :). Cleaning up the room? :) Science uses something like 'more elegant theory'. 'More accessible'
? or like Alexandre said - 'smartened-up'. Dunno.


Unary. Easy to write. :)


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