Re: [Gimp-developer] givelife color system

2011/12/4 GiveLifeCS <gabriel givelifecolorsystem com>:
> Hi Gez,
> the type of the licence is Creative Commons , soon will be the logo in
> my website and also the type of”CC”.

Please read the replies before jumping to conclusions.
Your license isn't suitable and that's the first problem.

> This color /System palette is the more biggest of the world with 5101
> shades of color.

That's another problem. You use "color palette" and "color system" as
synonyms. They aren't.
The amount of swatches isn't important at all. What if anybody comes
up with a palette with 5102 shades?
It's not how many swatches you have. It's about how you get them, and
you don't want to talk about that.

> sincerely  I believed  that i was talking with creative people, but I
> saw the response, is not.

So, questioning the quality of your "system" drains my creativity out?
That's why you avoid discussing about technical details? It will make
you less creative?

> before talking about a product you have to try and design with it , is
> the best proof that a product is good and consistent.

I tried your swatches. I didn't see anything else than just swatches.
A lot of swatches.
Now you say your printed book (from CMYK swatches, using a hand-picked
generic CMYK profile) has no relationship with your sRGB swatches...
What exactly should I try?

> This is a behavior that seems I want to sell you something
> and I really just I want to contribute to the evolution of gimp that I
> like and I saw the future in gimp.

GIMP is a free software project. Contribute with free software. That
means using a free software compatible license and open your code and
technical specifications. That's all I asked, and you always replied
with evasives.

> This color system has impressive potential for its shades fresh and new,
> in fact everyday more people use it and the feedback I get
> is consistent, positive and you told me that you have doubts, the
> truth I can not do anything about it .

I doubt because you don't want to disclose any details backing the idea that:
a) it is really a system
b) it has any potential
c) it should be included in GIMP or any other free software application.

> I am truly sorry if you can not see beyond.

Yes, I'm a faithless man. I want proof.

> I have been more than an hour explaining the color /system palette to
> Jon Maddog Hall one of the creators of linux and he saw so much
> potential with the color palette, and the only thing you do is to  put
> difficulties to the evolution of gimp.

Sorry, but I can't find any references saying that Maddog Hall knows
anything about color management, so his opinion is probably as valid
as my mom's, who thinks that my Samsung TN panel looks great.
Celebrity endorsement works for diet pills, not for software.

> If the rest of gimp developers see fit to put it  by default  the color
> palette in gimp, they will put it, if they believe that the color
> palette is not useful for gimp,not problem.

This is the second or third time you try to introduce your swatches. I
spent a lot of time asking you about your system and suggesting ways
to make it compatible and consistent. Maybe it's time for you to ask
yourself why you didn't get a positive reaction.

> This world always has  been creators and will be the creators  who want
> to change the established models and always will find with difficulties,
> but never stop to create, the world evolves with creative people.

Nice closure!


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