[Gimp-developer] givelife color system

Hi Gez,

the type of the licence is Creative Commons , soon will be the logo in
my website and also the type of”CC”.

This color /System palette is the more biggest of the world with 5101
shades of color.

sincerely  I believed  that i was talking with creative people, but I
saw the response, is not.

before talking about a product you have to try and design with it , is
the best proof that a product is good and consistent.

This is a behavior that seems I want to sell you something
and I really just I want to contribute to the evolution of gimp that I
like and I saw the future in gimp.

This color system has impressive potential for its shades fresh and new,
in fact everyday more people use it and the feedback I get
is consistent, positive and you told me that you have doubts, the
truth I can not do anything about it .

I am truly sorry if you can not see beyond.

I have been more than an hour explaining the color /system palette to
Jon Maddog Hall one of the creators of linux and he saw so much
potential with the color palette, and the only thing you do is to  put
difficulties to the evolution of gimp.

If the rest of gimp developers see fit to put it  by default  the color
palette in gimp, they will put it, if they believe that the color
palette is not useful for gimp,not problem. 

This world always has  been creators and will be the creators  who want
to change the established models and always will find with difficulties,
but never stop to create, the world evolves with creative people.

Good luck 

Gabriel Vano


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