Re: [Gimp-developer] new color system with 5101 shades ready for Gimp

Gabriel replied in a private mail stating that sRGB and CMYK swatches
have no relationship between each other, and that license is CC
I just got the e-mail after sending my previous reply.

Regarding the missing sRGB/CMYK relationship, I can't see there's a
"system" here. And that backs my theory about the swatches being
created by cherry-picking device-dependent colors.
I can't see why this "system" should be better than any other palette.

Regarding the license, it's the most restrictive CC and it's certainly
not free-software compatible. I'm not an expert here and I don't know
how palettes relate to the host application, but I guess there is a
problem with that too. At least to distribute it as part of GIMP or
any other free software package.

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