Re: [Gimp-developer] new color system with 5101 shades ready for Gimp

What's the license of your color system? I told you that you can't
expect to have your swatches included in any free software package if
they are distributed under copyright or any restrictive EULA. The
palette file should be distributed under a free software compatible
In your website you don't specify any license other than a copyright,
so it is, at first glance, incompatible with our software.

Apart from that I still fail to see what's the benefit of using your
color system.
First of all, I'm not sure it's a color system either, since all the
samples you showed were created using device dependent profiles, and
cmyk and rgb swatches differ in number while there is no clear
indication of a relationship between them.
I have the impression that you just cherry picked colors from
photoshop using the color picker in CMYK and RGB, and I don't think
that's how you create a color system.
If you didn't do that and created your color system from a device
independent space considering the output gamuts to keep color
consistency accross the system, did measurements, etc. I'd love to
know more about the process.

I asked several times about the way you created your system and all I
had were evasives. If you created your system properly and you don't
want to share details about the process because you want to protect
your IP, free software it's not for you. If you don't want to share
details because there aren't details and your system is flawed, then
there is no reason to consider it as a viable option.

Either way, you'll have to give us more information about your system
if you want it to be included in any free software application.
Sorry if this feels harsh, but up to this point you're only seem to be
trying to push your swatches in to favour your business.


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