[Gimp-developer] new color system with 5101 shades ready for Gimp

Hi, I am Gabriel Vano  the creator of Givelife color system

GiveLife Color System put online the second product , the Color / System
Palette in RGB ,more biggest of the world with 5101 shades of Color and
it is incorporated into the Operative System "Asturix" (Linux

I belive that this tool is very important and beneficial to help the
Designers in General , saving time and to forget about having to create
your own Color Palette , because with this Color Palette the Designers
can find the most desirable shades of Color.
This Color System has been tested by Designers demanding and the
conclusion of all them is very clear ,it is a key tool of color.
Currently this Color System is  by default in the Operative System
"Asturix" that the new version Asturix 4, will be online in a week more
or less for this reason I send an e-mail to all the developers of Gimp
to study the possibility to put it, by default in Gimp , the color
system in RGB.
the type of the RGB is "SRGB".
if you visit the website you can download the Color system palette for
I am sure that this tool will be very ussefull for all the users of



Gabriel Vano

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