Re: Git repository browsers, drag'n'drop and backlinks

(Keeping giggle cc'ed, because I still hope this could
become a common drag type for git repo viewers.)

On Do, 31.12.2009 12:13, Jesse van den Kieboom wrote:

>I'm also quite unsure about the real use case for this.

Okay, I did a draft implementation for gitg, and am therefore able
to provide a screenshot, see

Please note that the connection is bidirectional: Drag-and-drop from
gitg into Tomboy results in link creation, and clicking the link fires
up a gitg instance with the given commit selected again.

The implementation consists of 3 parts:

Changes to gitg:

1. Make gitg offer drag from the commit list, with dnd type
"git/treeish-list" (if that were to become a gitg isle solution, that
should probably be x-gitg/treeish-list)

2. Make gitg recognise a --select command line option, which takes a
sha1, and selects this one after the repo has been loaded completely

Code for these two is on 
in the "dnd-commit-list" branch.

3. Receiver side (here: Addin for Tomboy to handle git/treeish-list
Code on

Any comments would be appreciated.


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