Re: Git repository browsers, drag'n'drop and backlinks

2010/1/6 Holger Berndt <berndth gmx de>:
> (Keeping giggle cc'ed, because I still hope this could
> become a common drag type for git repo viewers.)

Yes, drag'n'dropping between git repo browser can be a valuable
adding. Because currently, there is many git browsers, but none is
complete. So it is interesting to use one for something, an other for
other operation...

But I'm still sceptical about drag'n'dropping a "list" of commits
references. IMHO, a single one is enought.

Furthermore, I'm not familiar with DnD, but is it possible to create
something that implement standards "protocols". For example, dragging
a commit in a list and dropping in terminal, with the effect that the
SAH1 is printed in terminal?
Gitk solves this use case by filling the clipboard with SHA1 each time
a commit is selected.

> On Do, 31.12.2009 12:13, Jesse van den Kieboom wrote:
> 2. Make gitg recognise a --select command line option, which takes a
> sha1, and selects this one after the repo has been loaded completely

IMHO, this is really really interesting to integrate, even if DnD is
not completly integrated.
Jesse, what about a cherry picking?

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