Re: Git repository browsers, drag'n'drop and backlinks

On Do, 31.12.2009 12:13, Jesse van den Kieboom wrote:

>Sorry for not responding earlier to this. I'm also quite unsure about  
>the real use case for this. You can't really use this in other  
>applications unless they support this quite special drop target, and  
>it's unlikely any of the standard applications are going to support  

Well, that's a chicken-egg-problem. As long as no such dnd type
exists, no standard application will ever be able to support it.

Some TODO-managers / desktop wikis already support dropping of
"special" targets for their TODO stuff. Tomboy, for example, has
plugins supporting at least drop targets for bugzilla URLs, and special
handling of dropping of mail messages from Evolution and Claws Mail.

That makes sense, because notes or TODO-entries sometimes correlate
with mail messages or bugzilla entries.

I find that for me, they also often correlate to version control
commits (to-review, to-debug etc). Currently, I am copy&paste'ing SHA
ids into my notes, however, it'd be much more descriptive having
a link with a descriptive text opening in my repo browser when clicked.

Probably none of the standard applications (whatever that means) would
support it, but as far as Tomboy is concerned, it's likely that there
would be a plugin supporting it. Being a Tomboy user, I'd likely write
one myself if nobody else does.

Anyways, having tried to get feedback from gitk, gitg and giggle, I
wonder if that proposition really makes any sense to anyone except me :)

>DND for single/multiple commits taking the commit headers might be  
>nice though. Anyway, please file a bugreport about this so it doesn't  
>get lost.

If gitg expressed any interest, I may have a look at providing a
patch for it.

I'd put the repo path and SHA ids instead of the commit headers,
though. Then a receiver would have enough information to get all
information that it cares about itself. It may care for other stuff
than the headers.


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