[Gegl-developer] Python-GEGL v0.2 released

Hello -

During this year's LGM, I sprinted on these high-level wrappers
for using GEGL through gobject-introspectinf from Python.

One can use GEGL from Python without these wrappers -
I think Manuel Quinõnes.  is doing so in his demonstrations  -
the wrappers are an effort for having a truly easy-to-use
from Python GEGL.

I've just made the "0.2.1" release to Pypi, making the niceties I coded in
Leipzig available to everyone with a recent GEGL build and who will type
"pip install python-gegl"  - For those intending to follow the development,
the repository is currently at

During the LGM Pippin, Jon and me agreeded that this project could
evolve to become the "de-facto" bindings for Python, replacing the
long dead-by-bit-rot
"pygegl" in the GEGL source tree.

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